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Meet Our Reps


Adalyn (Ambassador)

Hi, I'm Adalyn

I make up half of M&C along with my twin sister Aspen.

I just turned 5 which means I am big- if you ask me. Curiosity should have been my first name because I ask "WHY" about 100 times an hour. Leader would be my second name- I love to make sure everyone know what is going on and that everyone is following the rules.

My favorite thing M&C currently offers are lounge tops, they are so comfy and ready for any occasion to dress up or dress down. I mainly wear 6in bows on clip, but I can be found in a piggie set if the mood is right.

Aspen (Ambassador)

Hey! I'm Aspen

I'm 5 years old and twin sister to Adalyn (The other half of M&C Bows)

You will find me with a baby doll in my hand, pretending to make bows with momma, listening to any and all princess songs, and wearing a dress, or 3 because I need to change at least 3 times a day to be sure all our dresses get worn each week.

6-inch bow on clip is also my go to. A messy 4in bow is a fun option on my wild days.

Mia (Ambassador)

Hi! I'm Mia, 3 years old and Miss Independent.

I love Bluey, Moana, and playing outside! 

M&C Bows is by far our most loved bow shop! The variety of styles and prints offered is what pulled us in - the affordability, atmosphere, and amazing owners is what made us stay!

We truly have never received a bow that we didn't love! Once you buy from M&C - there's no going back!

Millie (Ambassador)

Hello, I’m Millie and I’m 2 and a half!
I love to smile and laugh and talk nonstop! Dance parties are my favorite thing to do and play with my friends. You can catch me with my momma 24/7 because I never leave her side!
I’ve been with M&C for 2 years and am never leaving! My favorite bow to wear is piggies and sailers! My fav clothing item is alleycats and Scarlett sweaters

Harper (Ambassador)

Hey guys, I’m Harper!
I’m almost two years old!! My favorite pastime is playing with my dolls or with my brother Elliott! I also enjoy being a fashionista! I’ve been repping for M&C since the day I was born.
My favorite M&C piece would be the Adalyn Romper or the Aspen dress! Our favorite bow right now would be piggies or 4" clip!

Elliott (Ambassador)

Hey everyone, I’m Elliott!
I am 3 years old! This is my third term actually repping but I’ve been making guest appearances and wearing M&C for a little over a year now!! I absolutely love the camera!! My favorite pastime is watching the movie Up, drinking chocolate milk, or playing with my sister Harper!
My favorite M&C piece would be a hoodie, a track tee, the Elliott tank, or a pair of joggers!


Hi everyone, I’m Stella!
I’m Minnie Mouse, baby doll obsessed, & I love pretending to read! I love to eat everything and snacking is my favorite thing to do.
We have upgraded to clips because I love to pull everything off now! Mom’s new favorite for me is a saylor bow! We are so excited to be back as a Senior Rep this term! We love to be apart of the M&C family!


Hi, I’m Jadyn Grace!!
My parents call me Jay. I’m an only child! I’ll be 2 in April. I have a BIG personality. I love animals, being outside, dancing and especially baby dolls. I’m obsessed with SpongeBob. I’ve been with m&c for about a year now and I’m so excited to be back for another term.
My favorite m&c products are 4in messy headwraps, Millie jumpers, lounge sets, and obviously the Jadyn romper!


Hey guys, i’m scarlett!
I’ve been with m&c for a few terms and couldn’t be happier to be here!
I’m 1 going on 16 if that tells you anything. i love all things food, elsa and art! i love to paint and color at daycare.
I’m repping this term with my 2 older brothers also! my favorite items are upcycled rompers, 5in regular or messy wraps, scarlett sweaters (duh) and tie strap peplums!


Grayson and Jonah

What’s up guys! we are jonah and grayson!

This is our second time repping for m&c and we’re happy to be back! jonah will be 7 in april and grayson will be 4 in october! we’re boys through and through and love anything that gets us active and running around!

Mom loves to get us joggers, pocket tees, jogger shorts and lounge sets!



Hi there I’m Sammie Jeanne!
I am almost 9 months old and M&C is 99% of my wardrobe. I am FULL of smiles and laughs and am in full crawl mode. My dog Gunner is my favorite thing ever.
My favorite m&c items are piggies, lounge sets, overalls and we are really starting to love the peplum tops. We are obsessed with floral prints. We are so excited to be back for our 2nd term!


Hey guys, I’m Aspen!
I’m almost 2 and I’m the busiest baby you’ll ever meet. I love my family, my pets, and Bluey!

This is my second term repping for M&C, but I’ve been wearing them since I was 4 months old! My current favorite items are 5 inch bows, leggings, Millie rompers, and lounge sets!


Hi I’m Breelyn!
I will be 2 in March! I love all things Disney and any activity that involves movement!! I love to be on the go! Our favorite style is piggies and a 4inch clip! Our favorite clothing is peplum tops and overalls!


Hey everyone, I’m Ramie.
I just turned 1 & have been obsessed with M&C since I was 4 months old. I love being outside & at the racetrack watching my daddy. I am silly as can be & full of giggles!
My favorite things are upcycled rompers, lounge sets & allllll the piggies on nylon!


Hello, I'm Maverick Nichole!
My family calls me Mavi and I am 8 months old! I'm always on the move and never sit still anymore. I like to crawl away fast and laugh when my parents are coming after me.
Our favorite products right now are lounge sets & piggies! We are so happy to have found M&C and to be repping for our first term!